It looks like you are into swinging. That's so hot! Question: do you do full swap or just soft swap? Also how do you approach couples in swing clubs?


We are into swinging! We are a full swap couple, we’ve tried the soft swap and it’s really not for us. But we don’t feel we have to swap to go out and have a great time. Getting dressed up and going out together is the best part.

I am actually really shy in person, and have a hard time approaching couples in the swing club when I am by myself. I don’t have a problem talking with people that I know, just approaching strangers. 

Mr. Good is much more outgoing, so he will usually take me along to mingle in the crowd. Also, we have friends that will introduce us to new people. As long as I am not alone, I can smile and small talk with new people.

If you are asking how we approach the idea of swinging when we meet a new couple…

If everyone is getting along, and we can tell there is mutual attraction, usually we just ask if they want to ‘play’. Then we give them privacy to discuss it and decide. We’ve only played once after the swing club with a couple we hadn’t met before. And she is the one who asked, “Wanna play?”

Most couples go to the club with their play partners already decided for the evening. It is mostly a venue for hanging out with like minded individuals. People don’t stare at you funny if you flirt too much with someone else’s husband.

Are you also into swinging? 

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